Tiny Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units 

Tiny homes and Accessory Dwelling Units(ADUs) have started to take a stronghold in the housing market. As land becomes more scarce, the push to build smaller with less is gaining popularity. The price to construct a standard size house is also skyrocketing, which in turn is forcing people to look at other living options. Tiny homes and ADUs are a great way to either enter the housing market or shrink your current footprint to a more manageable space. Tiny homes and ADU's are low impact on the environment and centered around flexibility and freedom. When building a structure where flexibility and space savings is crucial, there is no better choice than a steel framed tiny home or ADU.

SteelBiltt provides our clients with multiple building options in this space. Utilizing our cold rolled steel technology, you can assemble the home yourself or you can hire a contractor. We can also provide design and engineering services if you're early on in your planning stages. With our panelized approach, tiny homes and ADUs can be stood up in hours, not weeks. Every piece of steel used to build your structure is part numbered, allowing for a very straightforward assembly process. For more information about our tiny homes and ADUs, please contact us at  385-462-8484 or click here 

Benefits of a Tiny Home or Accessory Dwelling Unit

Tiny home kit installation
  • There is no doubt that the simplicity of putting up a tiny home or ADU kit is one of its greatest advantages. Our building process is similar to big erector set in that we include detailed instructions and all the necessary parts. Unless otherwise specified, standard construction knowledge, expertise, and tools will suffice.
  • Tiny house and ADU kits don't break the bank. Building with our panelized approach, your small home will reduce your overall construction and upkeep costs. There is a significant reduction in the price of utilities, upkeep, and taxes.
  • Tiny homes and ADUs footprints are small making cleaning and maintaining the homes much less of a chore. Less energy is required to heat or cool a small house; therefore, its inhabitants have a less environmental impact. A lot of smaller houses are transportable, providing you with even more flexibility.
  • SteelBiltt's steel frames are 50% lighter than conventional timber frames. When building a mobile tiny home, this is a major consideration when choosing what type of trailer is under you and how flexible you need to be in your travels. 
  • A tiny home or ADU kit from SteelBiltt is a clear choice when selecting a framing material in fire prone areas. Galvanized steel is not affected by termites and rust. Impervious to environmental damage, steel frames are also more rigid, and will not warp, twist, rot, bow, or shrink over time. 

Steelbiltt: The Perfect Solution for Tiny Home or Accessory Dwelling Unit Kits

If you're looking for a small living solution that is big on affordability, call 385-462-8484 or fill out our contact form today to hear more on SteelBiltt's approach.

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