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Engineered Light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses 

SteelBiltt's engineered light gauge steel roof trusses are the ultimate choice for durable, easy to install roofing. Our trusses are designed and engineered with our proprietary software that allows the truss to be lightweight while maintaining high load bearing capabilities. Since steel is 50% of the weight of timber, our trusses are incredibly easy to transport, lift and maneuver. This makes for a safer job site while decreasing your time to build. 

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Benefits of Light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses

  • Because of the lightweight nature of steel, crews are able to reduce the amount of equipment on site as often times trusses can be placed by hand.
  • Steel is non-combustible drastically reducing the amount of combustible material in the roof, greatly enhancing the safety of any structure. 
  • Despite its lightness, steel offers remarkable rigidity, increasing span and reducing the need for excessive framing. 
  • Roof trusses are made in a regulated environment providing impeccable accuracy and design freedom.
  • They are an environmentally-friendly choice as steel is 100% recyclable.

Why choose Steelbiltt for steel trusses?

Steelbiltt offers the most unique roof trusses for a wide variety of roofs. In addition, we provide services that include floor joist installation, tiny home kit installation, and wall panel installation services. To learn more about Steelbiltt's services, call us at 385-462-8484 or click here to make a reservation online.


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