Benefits of Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction

Worldwide, steel is one of the most used materials in the framing industry because it offers many advantages timber framed structures. Steelbiltt provides high-quality steel framing materials including wall panels, floor joists, and roof trusses that enable our clients to construct buildings that will stand the test of time. We offer complete panelized systems for both residential and commercial purposes. If you want a structure you can rely on, you should consider light gauge steel from Steelbiltt.

Our experts provide design services to take your building or home from concept to completion. You can contact us for steel framed components or installation by clicking here or calling us at 385-462-8484.

Advantages of Steel Frame Construction

There are a lot of advantages of steel frame installation such as:

  • Durability: Compared to their load-bearing alternatives, structural steel components are stronger and able to withstand high winds, seismic occurrences, and other inclement weather compared to standard wooden construction.
  • Cost-effective: Some customers believe a steel frame will be more expensive than other materials, but you can install steel framing at a reasonable price and get your structure built faster (saving labor costs) as well as save money over the long haul with lower maintenance costs.
  • Fire Resistance: Fire damage can occur at any structure, but a building with a steel frame will be more likely to contain & minimize the damage. Many owners also have lower insurance rates with steel construction.
  • Energy Efficient: Owners love that steel is not affected by changes in humidity or temperature, which results in lower and more consistent electric bills.
  • Insect Resistant: Regular wood construction can come under attack from termites, wood ants, and other pests. Steel cannot be damaged by these so it can save you from insect damage.
  • Less Time for Construction: Since we provide prefabricated materials, the assembly is faster so you can cut down the construction time significantly.
Steel frame construction

Enjoy a Durable & Long-Lasting Steel Structure

Using steel framing from Steelbiltt will allow you to enjoy a long-lasting structure with minimal maintenance. Our certified experts can install a steel frame structure very quickly, and we serve customers in all 50 states. For more information, call us at 385-462-8484 or click here to schedule a light gauge steel consultation today.

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