The Process We Follow to Build Your Future

To make the initiative of any new projects much easier, Steelbiltt's comprehensive process can help you out. Our 4 Step process includes:

Framecad Software

Step 1: Engineering & Permit

  • Submit your architectural plan to our cold formed steel Engineers.
  • We'll convert the design into a 3D model, drawings, and structural permit sets.
  • Our ICC-certified engineers will stamp your structural permit sets and help in securing the permit.
R Flange Hole

Step 2: Manufacture

  • We purchase steel master coils and split them to your project requirements that include galvanization, steel gauge, and profile width.
  • The flat steel is run through a cold roll-forming process where studs are produced, cut to length, and punched to engineering specifications.
Steel Floor Joist

Step 3: Panelization

  • We have a state-of-the-art factory that can produce customized steel components as per your needs.
  • All steel components such as wall panels, roof trusses, or floor trusses, can be customized.
  • We follow the steel drawings & modeling to complete the fabrication.
Delivery Installation

Step 4: Delivery & Installation

  • All components are then loaded & prepared for delivery.
  • After the steel product arrives onsite, we have professional installers erect the structure.

Businesses Ideal for Steel Frame Design

Prebuilt steel walls, roof trusses, and floor joists make assembling your residential and commercial projects a lot easier than most standard building techniques. Fire-resistant construction can also be a benefit for insurance premiums. That is why many business types prefer our steel building design.

  • Multifamily buildings
  • Light commercial buildings
  • Single-family homes
  • ADUs & tiny homes

Our experts can guide you on design ideas or will work with you to implement your choices and preferences. We can design and ship to companies nationwide. Call us at 385-462-8484 or contact us online here and rest assured we can help bring your business vision to life.

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