Light Gauge Steel Framing for Residential & Commercial Structures

Light gauge steel framing is completely chemical-free, making it the safest option for you and your family when it comes to protecting your investment from damage. Steel framing offers many advantages over other framing materials, including the fact it is recyclable, mold- & termite-resistant, stronger, and more eco-friendly because it generates less waste.

Steelbiltt provides steel framing solutions for residential and commercial building projects in all 50 states. When working on a steel framing project, our team of specialists use modern technology without sacrificing traditional values. We are prepared to take on projects of any scale. You can trust us to complete your project on time, under budget, and without incident. Call us today at 385-462-8484 or click here to start the discussion on how SteelBiltt's panelization systems can save you time and money.

Durable & Cost-Effective Light Gauge Steel Framing

Light gauge steel framing is stronger and more durable than a wood frame, regardless of the time of year. It is a safe, durable, & cost-effective material for framing your residential or commercial project. Steel framing is up to 50% lighter than conventional timber framing which in turn is easier to transport and erect. Because of the added durability, steel frames are more cost-effective over time than other framing materials because they minimize repairs.

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Why Contractors and Builders Choose Steel Prefabrication Systems

  • 34% report an increase in job site safety
  • 77% report that construction site waste decreased 
  • 66% report that timelines decrease, with 35% seeing a decrease of 4 weeks or greater
  • 65% report that project budgets decrease, with 41% seeing a decrease of 6% or greater

Trust Steelbiltt's Steel Framing Solutions 

When it comes to steel framing for residential and commercial contractors, we are dedicated to providing the best steel framing services possible. Steelbiltt is committed to providing you with high-quality steel framing solutions throughout the entire process, from planning to assembly. In addition to steel framing services, our other services are:

To learn more about our products and services, dial 385-462-8484 or click here to schedule an appointment. We offer nationwide delivery for all our steel frame structures.

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